What’s in a name?



The inspiriation for the name of this blog is multifaceted.

My sister, Abbe

My sister, Abbe

Firstly, I did not come up with the title Frhetoric. Frhetoric was actually a muse of my sister, Abbe. She, being the poetically gifted individual that she is, actually named one of her old cars Frhetoric. My sister and I are very close, and so it is sort of a tribute to her.

On a second level, as you have probably assumed by now, Frhetoric is a play on the name Frederick. My father, whom I was extremely close with before he passed away, was named Frederick, (which is what lead Abbe to her cute play-on-words) adding extra significance to this title. However, not only was my father’s name Fred, but his initials were FRH – the first three letters of the title FRHetoric. So, Frhetoic is also a tribute to my father.

Frederick copy2

My dad, Fred

On a third level, I am very interested in language and rhetoric. On a good day, my friends would say that I have good grammar, and on a bad day they would say that I love to argue simply because I love rhetoric. Both are true, but I am working to improve the latter.

And lastly, fret. Middle English, to devour, fret, from Old English fretan to devour; akin to Old High German frezzan to devour, ezzan to eat. If taken literally, fret can mean to eat a great amount of food (which is always a pleasure of mine, though always a guilty one) or, more negatively, fret means to corrode. Figuratively fret could mean, to take something in, either slowly, as in gnawing, or very quickly, as in devouring.

It is my hope that as I build up this blog it will fret its own little path, getting readers thinking, allowing them to fret as much or as little of it as they like. (How’s that for rhetoric? ; ) )


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