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I am adding two artists to my links, Erin Morrison and Sarah Spitler. Both are draftswomen working with a variety of media who are creating quite interesting work.

Morrison’s landscapes focus on nature’s adaptive relationship to the man made inorganic. Morrison pushes her images past realism into abstraction to emphasize nature’s transformation, all the while keeping small remnants of the the familiar, representational aspects of nature and industry to remind the viewer of the reality of the conceptual issue. Morrison aims to reconnect the viewer with the subject on an emotional, empathetic level by referencing photography but eliminating the separative camera lens.

$2300 / 1br 1bath LUXURY, STEAM ROOM, CITY VIEWS!: Brooklyn, NY (2008)

$2300 / 1br 1bath LUXURY, STEAM ROOM, CITY VIEWS!: Brooklyn, NY (2008)

Mixed wet and dry media on Arches Aquarelle

24″ x 32″

Spitler’s work is non-representational. Spitler explores the paint, ink, and other media, layering one on top of the other, and often mixing them, in what she describes as the search for the “emergence of fragments of imagery in relation to a destructive force”. Her work aims to serve as an analogy to the often destructive relationship between the permanent and ephemeral in nature.

Vorticital Obsolescence

Vorticital Obsolescence (2008)

Ink, acrylic, and enamel on Mylar

16″ x 16″