So, (sigh) I got my first setback of the summer. As I said in an earlier post, one of my goals right now is to take more photographs. Well, today I discovered that my camera is broken, obviously placing a rather large roadblock in the way of my goal.

I was headed outside to take some photographs of my most recent drawings this afternoon, and my camera, despite freshly charged batteries, just wouldn’t turn on. Now, the last camera I had seemed to go downhill in the same manner as this camera seems to have. That is, it was not accidentally dropped or left out in the sun for long periods of time; nothing happened to it. Simply, after a long period of unuse, it wouldn’t turn on. The same is true for this camera: it wasn’t even touched, and just wouldn’t come on (my previous post is evidence of this fact)!

So, now my goal will have to wait, either until my camera decides to wake up from its inconvenient hibernation, or until I can afford a new camera. I am not anticipating either to happen overnight, although I would take it, without question.

(If any reader could clue me into what might be ailing my poor camera, I would be tremendously grateful.)


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