As some of you already know, last week I started a new job. While I was happy to have found summer employment, I also had a bit of trepidation about my new position. My new job title is officially “fundraiser”, but practically I am a … wait for it … a … (gulp) … TELEMARKETER!!!

You can probably understand, now, from where my trepidation was coming. By taking this job I am joining the ranks of the most reviled demographic in America (and possibly the world). Telemarketers sit comfortably next to ambulance chasing lawyers, used car salesmen, and paparazzi as some of the most hated people in the world. While I am working for my university, trying to raise money for future programs, scholarships and other academic developments, from the perspective of the answerer, I am no different than any other telemarketer trying to get money from them.

That is the bad part of the job. But, the good part is, I am actually having a great time. The people I am working with so far are so laid back, and while I have only gotten two pledges so far, it isn’t that bad at all. Hopefully my good feelings about my “fundraising” position will maintain, afterall, I am working for my university, as opposed to some marketing scheme, and I’ll work there for a while.

Below is a funny little clip about what it is like to be a tele – I mean, “fundraiser”.


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